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Hillary W.

locavore & amateur letterer



Even Lazy Jellyfish Do It

Hi all!

I'm Hillary and this is my first attempt at any kind of lettering. I've always been into art and recently developed a passion for type and font. I'm hoping I can get some great feedback from those who are more experienced. 

For this project I am choosing the lyric "even lazy jellyfish do it" from the song "Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)" by Cole Porter. I want to include a lot of 'flowy' type that embodies jellyfish tentacles. Because this song was created in the 20s, I also want to include 20s inspired type. I imagine this to be a greeting card for a loved one or as a poster. 

Let me know what you think :)

Below are my 5 variations of the word "jellyfish." Some of them are slighty crooked as I didn't use a ruler this time around. I tried to incorporate some 20s lettering styles as pictured in my mood board, but also flowy text to resemble to tentacles of a jellyfish. My favorite is "jellyfish" in the shape of a jellyfish - it might be hard to see at first, but it is the one labeled as 'in a shape.' As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! (please ignore the many eraser marks, as you can tell there were a few mishaps)


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