Evelina Grenehed

Evelina Grenehed - student project

Hi Victoria! Thank you for a great course in keywording. I'm working on my first metadata project for another users video clips for Blackbox, and would love some feedback on the following shots.


Being a linguist, I have a couple of grammar related questions that I've been thinking a lot about while working with these clips:

– In your course, you mention that you don't need to add several forms of the same keywords. Does that also count for noun, verbs and adjectives that are closely related? Such as "camp" (noun) and "camping" (verb), "steam" (noun) and "steaming" (adjective, as in "steaming hot")?

– Also, does it matter which form of a keyword is included in the description? For example, if I use "boil" as a keyword, but write "boiling water" in the description?

– I also find it hard to decide whether I should separate some keywords or keep them together. For example, "hot water" or "hot" and "water". Is the tip basically to write them as one keyword if the buyer is unlikely to search for "water" without the word "hot" and still be interested in the specific clip?

– In the latter case, will the clip not be visible if a buyer searches for one of the words ("hot") without the other ("water")?


Evelina Grenehed - image 1 - student project


Hot Water Boiling in Kettle on Firewood Outdoors. High Angle

Keywords: kettle, boil, hot, water, outdoors, firewood, high angle, tea, pot, coffee, camp, campfire, nature, campsite, camping, cook, brew, hike, picnic, trekking, bubbling, steam, smoke, teapot, wilderness, wild, outside, close up, close-up, closeup


Evelina Grenehed - image 2 - student project


Close Up of Male Hand Playing Thoughtfully with Stick in Nature

Keywords: male, hand, thoughtful, nature, contemplate, meditate, think, still, calm, quiet, peace, outdoors, solitude, alone, listen, wait, play, stick, outside, man, young, rest, retreat, hill, sad, mood, loneliness, hike, pensive, inspiration, closeup, close-up, close up, Caucasian, teen, teenager


Evelina Grenehed - image 3 - student project


Pouring Hot Water from Kettle into Kuksa Cup. Silhouette by Lake in Evening

Keywords: pour, kettle, nature, kuksa, hot, water, silhouette, lake, evening, coffee, tea, beverage, slowmotion, slow motion, camp, campsite, camping, outdoors, relax, picnic, rest, still, calm, break, steam, outside, twilight, dusk, brew, wild, wilderness, warm, mug, cup, guksi, hike, teapot, pot, drink, slowmo, slomo, slow, silouette