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Evan Navarro's Perfect Morning Routine, June 2015

My primary focus:
My focus is to enjoy waking up, not dread it. To eat breakfast, exercise, drink coffee, shower, exercise, be aware of my breath, thoughts, and upcoming day. To develop and embrace a healthy morning routine for the first time in my life.

What habits will I do?
Eating breakfast, stretching, exercising, spending time outside, breathing and being aware.

Routine Breakdown:

  • 5:00 AM: Wake up and turn off alarm clock. Hand, feet, and leg stretches, leading up to sitting upright on my bed.
  • 5:05 AM: Drink water, take Iron vitamins and read the framed picture of my primary focus (infographic): Take a deep breath and get up.
  • 5:10 AM: Open the windows/move the curtains to let the sunlight in. Admire the view for a short moment.
  • 5:15 AM: Make my bed.
  • 5:20 AM: Grab my cup, grab my iPad or Laptop with me and head to the bathroom. Use the restroom, wash my face to wake up.
  • 5:30 AM: Bring things with me to kitchen, start making coffee.
  • 5:40 AM: Bring all things outside on patio, drink coffee.
  • 5:50 AM: Lay out yoga mat. Stretch, breathe, meditate for 10 minutes to let the coffee kick-in.
  • 6:00 AM: Begin workout.
  • 7:00 AM: After workout, stretch for 10 minutes.
  • 7:15 AM: Pack up things, and head to cold shower.
  • 7:35 AM: Slow movements. Put on shorts/pajamas.
  • 7:40 AM: Go to the kitchen to cook/eat breakfast. Make sure to have a drink with it to replenish body after workout. Take Vitamin C and B, possibly protein if available (for workout recovery). Check phone, weather, etc. Listen to music.
  • 8:10 AM: Clean dishes, pour a glass of water, pack lunch, head back to room to get dressed.
  • 8:15 AM: Put on clothes that were laid out from last night, clean room up, pack things.
  • 8:30 AM: Head to bathroom for final look, brush teeth, head off to work/school.
  • Leave house before 8:45 AM.



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