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For this project I would like to start a website for sharing information about running for amateur and professional runners locater primarily in Europe. 

It is going to be based off of a popular U.S. running website that offers similar service to runners. Its purpose will be to create a platform for runners to access information that is difficult to find/or nonexistent about running techniques, exercises, etc. and race and training videos later on.

At the beginning I would like to upload statistics, informational articles and videos about such things as:

  • instruction videos on how to do certain exercises; stretching, weighroom training, strengthening circuit for injury prevention, abs and core workouts, correctional exercises for injury treatment, medicine ball workouts, pool exercises, etc.
  • runners database that includes their bios, personal records, statistics, race plans (the pro runners database will be updated by the website 
  • barefoot runing theories and facts
  • digital running diary application offered
  • running gear analysis and advices
  • dietary information

As the website develops, trainings of semi-professional athletes who are willing to colaborate will be posted on the website. Later on, the website will have a team that records the low key as well as professional indoor and outdoor track and cross country events in Europe (initially in Poland) and allows access for its users.

What's the business model?

-The tutorial videos will be 

-The website will require logging in and providing some basic information about the user for access to the videos and live stream from the events.

-Premium account will be available once the website reaches certain amount of hits/regular users and will be required to access live stream videos and extra materials such as exclusive training sessions with semi- and professional runners.

-Recording of the live events will start in Poland and ideally extrapolate gradually to other European countries; Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, etc.

-When the website has a significant amount of regular viewers, it is likely that it will sell advertising space for fitness and runnig gear companies. 


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