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Europe joins S.Sweatpants / Chilldays Milano - Sofia

Stoked to share some shots w/ the community here! 

I'm Bogdan '' ChillDays '' Plakov, born n' raised in Sofia, Bulgaria / Eastern Europe / and i'm currently living & shootin in Milan, Italy. 

Shout out to all of you behind the lenses, we share one love! Stay blessed & motivated! 

        1.Shooting Scale


Magic hour & scale. Add you best friend to that and you can't go wrong! 

2. Showcasing Light


I'm not a skater but that's the society i grew up in and one of the first things I started to shoot. As you see the golden hour is my fav time to capture moments. Hope that you feel the street vibes! 

3. Complementary Colors


After a long day shootin around Sofia we went to an old spot and I finally got a shot to feel happy with. As complementary color - her skin tones, hair & jerseye matching w/ the rusty bridge. We got also nice vanishing points. 

Would appreciate your thoughts on this one! 

    4. Vanishing Points


To get a nice vanishing point here I drove w/ a ladder around the city so i had around 2,5 meters more height. Happy w/ the results tho!

Thanks for the great class Steve Sweatpants it was a pleasure! 

If someone from the community is passing through Milan, Italy or Sofia, Bulgaria shoot me @ [email protected]

If you liked my work link w/ me on! 


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