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Europe calls | Sofia - Milano |


For the street portrait I chose this shot for two reasons: the perspective & mostly because you are shooting for brands / lookbooks etc. So opinion on that kind of photo would be important for me as I wanna follow your career way.  / photo taken above an abandoned train yard in Sofia, Bulgaria.


For the motion I chose a static object w/ blurred background. Wanted to share an iPhone photo connected w/ a brand.  | Photo taken on my way to an annual movie premier in the hidden woods of the center Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria. I think it catches the vibe, a bit dirty 90s, the feeling of the speed and the nature.



The " look-up " shot. In Bulgaria there are no skyscrapers, anyway I'm always looking up.
Since September I study in Milan, Italy. The project led me to a pretty famous building here - "Torre Unicredit" . From the center plaza you see few parking lot holes. I didn't want the usual photo so after few minutes of searching and reaching the spot the security kicked my out of -2 floor cuz it was " private ". I managed to sneak to the -3 floor lay on the ground and take 3 or 4 shots before two security guards kick me out of the whole parking.


For the night shot we are back to Sofia, Bulgaria. Fire extinguisher trashin around the city during the holidays.

If you are ever coming to Bulgaria or Italy shoot an email to [email protected]. I got the connections. Cheers & a focused year!
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