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Eunoian is a spiritual lifestyle brand that encourges consciousness expansion and self-awareness through streetwear aesthetics.

Flower of life T-Shirt

Flower of life is a sacred symbol that can be discovered in our history hundreds of years back and also all over the world. It was considered to be a very secret and sacred symbol due to how much mathetmatical information it provided about the foundations of life itself. Through the flower of life, an another symbol called the fruit of life can be discovered in which contains 13 different types of informational systems that explain different aspects of reality such as our molecular structures and our universe above us. The balance between explaining spirituality through our history/science and also experiencing and understanding different things through spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga has helped me tremendously as a person to not be afriand and also be aware of myself and my surroundings. But when i looked for spiritual clothing, i was only able to find really colorful and more hippy-esqu feel in the clothing, therefore i wanted to create something more simple and clean to attract a bigger audince. So I created a simple black and white cut and sew shirt and used a all over heat transfer to put the all over flower of life print on the bottom half of the shirt. I also used a 280gsm jersey cotton to make a more soft and heavier shirt. Our logo is the lotus flower therefore i added the logo on both sleeves of the shirt. I used a thicker plastisol printing to create a more textured feel and also to avoid less cracking to the print.












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