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Eunoian Brand

Eunoian {yu-no-ian} comes from the word eunoia, it is the shortest English word that contains all five main vowel grapheme. The word Eunoia means well-minded or beautiful thinking. We added an N at the end of the word to depict the word as a person. A person that consciously chooses to think and spread positivity while embracing the concept of oneness and togetherness that brings purpose into all of our lives. 

If we have a free mind, we ultimately have the power to make every little decisions in our conscious minds. In a life where our ups and downs are almost cyclical, we still choose to stay on this path of wanting happiness when we're down and fearing to lose that happiness when we're up, A Eunoian looks above and beyond the pattern that just occurs in our own lives, but the bigger picture that is visible everywhere in life. As we face our difficulties, and despite all the differences that will always exist in our lives of ourselves and others around us, We choose to move forward, live in the present and embrace life as it comes at us,

 Eunoian is inspired by the current Rave/EDM culture that is growing exponentially by each day. A movement where race, age, and sex does not matter, a culture that refuses to acknowledge the current social problems within our society. This freedom that inspires us and allows us to live a life bigger than the ones we see through our eyes. It is art, it is seeing the unusual, all combined with our savvy technology, creativity and modern spirituality of the members of our team and the beautiful people that we will hopefully inspire is the universal species that we define as Eunoian.

Eunoian was created on October 2012 by Yeon Kim to spread the 
current movement of our youth of peace, harmony and oneness. 
We hope to incorporate these concepts of Zen and Harmony into our designs and 
align them with the streetwear silhouettes that we love.

Project Links ( S/S 2014 Lookbook, Line Sheet, Costing Sheet, Credit App)

Lookbook Part 1

Lookbook Part 2

Line Sheet

Credit Application


Eunian Line Sheet

Eunoian Credit App

Eunoian Costing Sheet

Eunoian Sales/Sourcing Calendar

Eunoian LookBook S/S 2014

We are launching our website on March 15th, 2014

Here are some pictures of products in production

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