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Bonnie Donaghy

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Eugene, Oregon

Decided to start playing with some color before I import my thumbnail sketches and start drawing. I'm particularly fond of the triad on the far right, the two greens and that mustard-y yellow feel very fitting for this town. I also really love the two to the left, the lime peel/green-y leaning turquoise and plum and the same two with the tangerine-y orange both feel like palattes that I would reach for. Going to start doing some thinking in illustrator now, and we'll see how the palattes develop. 

The SMJ house is really Eugene iconic, but it's really big and really detailed, so there's a question of "how do I simplify this down enough if I'm going to use it?" Do I set the card up so it crops out the less interesting/iconic half? Do I just pull off the tower? If I use the SMJ house, I start locking in elements of the color palette since it's a pretty distinctive pair of shades of green. Also, looking at the shapes of some of Arcimoto's electric cars since that company is here in town and while they're making them now, they're also very future-y looking. 

Eugene is a super bike friendly city, so I'm kicking around some doodles for possible future bikes to help cover that element of things. 

First thoughts, I'm going to do some more sketching. Somehow I never really thought about how many components there are here that already kind of have appropriate looks without doing too much work/simplification to them. There are some other elements I want to explore and then I'll do some refinement of some of them (I think that bridge may get its own page entirely, working it out.)

I chose my adopted home city as my inspiration, even though it's perhaps not the most recognizable or most fascinating place in the world. I have a lot of love for this little city though!


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