Eucalyptus Grove

Eucalyptus Grove   - student project

Eucalyptus Grove   - image 1 - student projectI need to make a map of Eucalytus Grove in the arboretum next to our house.  The map will be used as part of an audio - media tour I am developing to try and tell a story of these trees. I am still developing content for the tour.  The tour is intended for those with smart phones and data plans.  They can match the tree name to the section of the audio tour and listen while they look at trees and then also can choose to review a video of curator note where available, look at photos and review more detailed sketches and such.  I need a good map and I have no idea how to make a fancy interactive one so the idea of using a hand drawn map is very intrigueing! The attached photo is my first attempt at making a fun map to use.  I used tracing paper to trace another map that had working and other details I don't want on my map.  I then colored in sections.  

The next interation I need to make bigger so that I can maybe add texture to it and have room to add wildlife in the map, like the frogs in the pond maybe and a few monarches.  I cannot think of how to color the green sections in a interesting way or what type of markers to use to mark the stops.  A simple circle with number might do but looking for any suggestions on that front.