Etsy Shop !

Etsy Shop ! - student project

Hi, well I finally opened my Etsy shop !

It is a long process, especially filling all the profile sections and giving a good description of the products.

Luckily, I created my logo just few weeks ago so the design of the shop was easier.

So here is my shop (it's in French but automatic translation is available)  :

Etsy Shop ! - image 1 - student project


For the moment there are only personalised names, alphabet and the "Namaste" words (people order and I print them at home and send them so they can frame it), created from a galaxy painting I made with watercolour and digital process but I will add more creations soon hopefully !

For those who are interested, here is my brand board, made during Nadya Payan "Visionary Branding" class, it was so useful, I am so glad I took the time doing it !

Etsy Shop ! - image 2 - student project


Now onto marketing and sharing the shop on social media the hardest for an artist !!!

Thanks a lot Bonnie for all the detailed steps

Here is my website and Instagram @amandeenart if you want to have a look !

Have a great day

Amandeen Art
Bodyart and Watercolor Artist