Etsy Shop Make Over!

Etsy Shop Make Over! - student project

Etsy Shop Make Over! - image 1 - student projectI have been redoing all the pictures with mock ups for each listing and every photo I upload to Etsy has some well researched SEO tags.  I purchased a membership subscription to Place It so I could mock up all my artwork and make it look professional.  I am redoing all the wording in the title, descriptions and tags with better SEO INFO and more helpful things on framing, the art, shipping and that kind of stuff.  I created pages of SEO tags so that all I have to do now is copy and paste them into the file name of the pictures.  I made many seo tag groupings for each listing so that each photo didn’t  have the exact same tag but they were all relevant tags.  I also put my social media and website information into to each listing I’m redoing.  I’m redoing all the pricing, sizes, and Material choices for all my prints with a note on turnaround time on canvas versus paper and that kind of stuff.  To do this right is very time consuming but I believe it will really payoff in the long run.  Since I’m creating and saving every listing and seo photo tags in a document I will save lots of time in the future. I’m not done yet. But it is really starting to come together.  Thanks for the class!!!!
Etsy Shop Make Over! - image 2 - student projectEtsy Shop Make Over! - image 3 - student projectEtsy Shop Make Over! - image 4 - student project