Ethereal THE COUNCIL | A Novel By L.S. Heart

Ethereal THE COUNCIL | A Novel By L.S. Heart - student project

Hello everyone, and welcome to my project.

I am Leah Sky Heart.

My most dominant positive traits:

  • Bold personality
  • Passionate
  • Great stage presence
  • Witty
  • Jack of all trades (acting, voice acting, writing, dancing, painting, directing, digital art, burlesque, etc.)

What I have to offer:

  • YouTube videos of me in my flamboyant drag persona performing dramatic readings of my favorite stories.
  • YouTube videos of makeup transformations of my main characters in my novel.
  • YouTube videos of me going through the world in character as one of my characters in my novel, in a dramatic mini film.

How I am merging my skills:

Producing films on the YouTube platform to talk about my novel in a fun and engaging way will make my author platforms one of a kind.


Who is my target audience?

Young adults and above, but mainly adults.


Services I'm offering:

Dramatic films with my own flair.