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Ethan's Extreme Sports Adventure and Certification Progress


Rather than showing all of the statistics I have acculuated over the last few years, I have decided to highlight exciting weekends and illustrate the most notable data in infographics. If space allows, I may explore doing more weekends or even more comprehensive monthly and yearly statistics.

Another option is to do statistics by country which could lead to an interesting illustration as well.

Each blowout will look something like the "Heineken Dropped" page at

I compiled three of my yearly google maps from

to this Google Maps Engine version for the background:


Ever since I fulfilled my childhood dream of getting a motorcycle license in the sumer of 2010 when I also fell out of an airplane from over 10,000 feet for the first time, I have had a passion to pursue the adrenaline rush you get from taking challenges to your mental limits.

Since, I have explored many different extreme sports and am currently pursuing levels of certification and/or instructor certification in skydiving, scuba-diving, paragliding, and motorcycling. All of these are pursuits that will take several years, but I've accumulated logs of data in physical books (a standard for many of these sports) and in Excel to track my progress. Along the way, I have recorded and visualized this data in different ways on my website: there is a summary list of my personal goals, what I call my "Impossible List" at

and various maps of these activities at


I'm hoping that this data will be appropriate for this project and that I can use the skills I learn in the every day projects I'm often doing in Excel and PowerPoint.


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