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Ethan Wiese_Bon Iver_For Emma, Forever Ago_redesign

Justin Vernon Vernon came to international prominence with For Emma, Forever Ago, his first album as Bon Iver. The album was released in February of 2008 after three months of isolation up in the northern woods of Wisconsin were the album was written and recorded. The record is entirely the creation of Justin Vernon, despite its complexity, the record was created with nothing more than a few microphones and some aged recording equipment.

The album is full of personal trouble, lack of perspective, heartache, longing, love, loss and guilt are poured into each song creating an album that holds strong feelings of isolation and melancholy. The lyrics swoon with a falsetto that glide over the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar. 

Ideas/Mood board
My goal is to create a forest landscape that helps illustrate (no pun intended) the style and emotion of the music. While the current cover works very well to help set the mood for the music, I thought it would be fun to play around with the theme of isolation and nature. 

Here is my mood board with some posters for Bon Iver as well as some other visual inspirations. 


Here is the best of my thumbs/preliminary sketches.
It is an image of a lone tree where all other tress have been chopped down. The images are pretty basic but once in the computer im sure they will come to life more. 
The colors are subject to changes as well as the back ground. I have yet to decided if i like the tress in the back ground or if i want to switch them to mountains or other choped trees. 

Now that ive taken my sketches into Illistrator, ive been playing around with differnt ideas. Now these are extreemly simple sketches, and i have a few differnt options to expand on. Which do you think will work the best. Any feed back and sugestions are welcome. 
Im more focused on composition right now, colors are subejct to change. 
(i am aware that all the trees are the same vector shape, im deffinantly going to fix that.)

This is where im at at this point. Im just experimenting with colors and textures. Feel free to give feed back and let me know how i can improve. Suggestions on how to give this more image depth and how to keep the tree from blending into the background would be great.

Progress! i decided to change the forrest to an ocean an am currently playing with the character. 
Suggestions and feed back is apreciated. 


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