Katie Ekins

Graphic Designer




For my project I thought it'd be fun to just say "Voilà" with some exciting animation. I picked the word because it's one that English speakers know, and it's just fun to say. Plus, the word is usually said to announce something. So my gif is announcing itself.

Also, and most importantly, it's only 5 letters...ha!

Here are the initial sketches:




(Originally, I was thinking it'd be "Et Voilà!", as in "and...Voilà!" but I've decided to cut the "et".)

I'm back with the Illustrator artwork and I have decided to leave in the "et" after getting some feedback.


I'm excited to animate this! I've grouped the dots into 6 layers, one for the inner dots, one for the 2nd circle of dots, all the way out to the 6th layer - the farthest dots. That way it's more manageable. 


I'm back with the animation! 

Here is what it looks like off:


Here is what it looks like on:


And here is the completed gif:


I am really excited about this result! This method is a bit labor-intensive but it has such a cool outcome. I'm really inspired by this class! 

By the end, I had been staring at the animation for so long I had no sense of whether the timing was good or not. So let me know if anything seems off. It's 19 frames right now.

Also, I posted this gif on my tumblr!


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