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Amber Zoellner




Et Cetera- a book of poetry, prose, and dreams

I am an illustrator (at least that's what I went to school for) and I am aiming to do book illustration, of all types. So since I'm interested in the field of publishing, my project will be to design a book of my sister's and my writing. We have often collaborated on projects- my illustrations with her writing. Right now, I have a word document that is about 40 pages long, but the stories/poems will be broken up differently. My idea is to do simple pencil spot illustrations to go with the poems and come up with a simple and attractive way of setting this all up in a book format. I am thinking 8x10" standard size, either portrait or landscape.

I really have been wanting to make this book for a long time, and I'm not sure if this is the write kind of project to do for this class, and perhaps having to make all the spots and sketches will take too long, but it's a good excuse for me to do some drawing and force myself to work a bit faster. I did a cover for this book already- as seen below, but I think I may redesign the whole thing. Any thoughts? Is this a feasible thing to do in Indesign?

(Maybe I need to do a project that is more based on images that I already have, rather than lots of text, and that I don't have any images for yet... I do have some other ideas in mind.)



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