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Cayo Medeiros

Founder at Estou Jogando



Estou Jogando

My project is called "Estou Jogando", wich means "I'm Playing" and its a social network for brazilian gamers:

About the project

As its written in portuguese I think it will be difficult to you to understand it so I'll gonna try to explain to you what is it about, what you can do on it, etc. But if you already know gaming social networks, EJ is a mix between Playfire and Raptr adapted to brazilian gamers needs and on a way smaller scale because we are a team of only 3 people working part-time on it.

On EJ, each user and each game has its own profile on the network which has information about it and also somethink like a forum/ timeline enabling users to talk to each other publicly and about specific games.

The users can add games to their profile choosing the relation they have with it: "currently playing", "want to play", "already played", "abandoned" or "finished". They can also mark it as "favorite", "its borrowed", "available for exchanges" and "own the game". They can also rate the game and make a review about it.

This information allow us to build wishlists, find people who want some game and introduce them to people who wants to exchange that game and many other things. We already have almost 150k games on our database.

We have a lot more features but it would be too much to write and you would be bored to read about them. I will write about them when the necessity comes.

How our integration with social networks are today

  • We currently only accept users to be registered using Facebook;
  • We allow users to automatically share on thei facebook when they add a game;
  • On the wizard of the sign-up proccess we encourage the user to invite/ add as friend their facebook friends;
  • On their wishlist page we encourage then to share it on fb and twitter;

That is all we have today of integrations with social networks.


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