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Esther's - pirate character

I got started on tracing my sketch in Illustrator and noticed that I didn't put a body on my pirate. Problem. The face is coming along.  And I have a name for him - Hector the Horrible".

My Pirate - A pirate's life is uncertain and the sea is dangerous, so my pirate carries his wealth on his person in a mish-mash of pillaged jewelry. Hence the big pearl earring.  All people are either potential foes and victims.  So it's to his advantage to appear fierce. He is missing a finger, a tooth or two and has Maori-style tattoos.  But it is a hopeful adventrous spirit that takes to the sea in the first place.  Hopeful, too, that he will outrun his debts. He has cobbled together a "uniform" from articles of clothing either won or stolen.  A tartan plaid, an african belt buckle, A Japanese "sash"  Frilly shirt.

A pirate must have an exotic pet.  But the only two kinds of creatures that can survive the sea journey would be a bright bird or a monkey. Surely there is a cat around somewhere as well.

There seem to be a lot of fat pirate characters.  But I ask you how likely is that, really?

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