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Establishing Valued Partnerships with Corporations


We are a local chapter of an established non-profit whose overall mission is to eradicate and change the way the world handles poverty in underdeveloped countries. As a chapter we have different yearly goals to achieve, but for this purpose, I am focusing solely on our financial goal of raising $20,000 for our investee’s in 2014. More specifically, on how to best approach and establish valued partnerships with local companies and organizations in order to help in achieving our financial goal. My thought process is that if we are able to establish a few solid corporate partnerships, not only would it be mutually beneficial for both parties involved, but it would relieve some internal stress for chapter members who can then focus more on community outreach and establishing us as the go-to group for Social Entrepreneurship programming in the Washington D.C. area. The theory being that the more exposure and name recognition we are able to achieve locally, the odds of people wanting to engage or invest in the organization increase as well. A win-win all the way around…or at least that’s what I’m hoping!

Research in determining which companies to approach will obviously have taken place first. We will first start with determining the personal (or established) connections within the local board and approach those contacts that work for a company that would be a good fit for our values and goals. Other organizations to be considered for partnership will be ones who consider themselves innovative game-changers with which we have similar missions.


11 Questions

1. What is Marketing for? What does this function exist to do?

  • To establish a mutually beneficial relationship for both companies
  • To ensure our financial goals of 2014 are achieved

2. What are we allowed to touch?

  • In determining which companies to approach and the means to which we establish a valued partnership – pretty much everything.

3. What can we as marketers measure?

  • Amount of money pledged/donated
  • Amount of companies approached
  • Amount of partnerships established

4. What can we change?

  • Determining best practices for efficient approaches and methods of establishing solid partnerships


5. What promise are you going to make?

  • That a partnership would be beneficial for that specific organization as well. We show outline success metrics that align with the company’s business goals as well as clearly outlining the return on investment of the money donated and specific  results for the project(s) it will help fund and how it is anticipated to scale resulting in ‘x’ amount of lives changed/lives saved/services provided/jobs created..etc.

6. What is the hard part?


  • Probably getting our foot in the door – or getting an actual meeting with a individual within a company who is in the position to agree to valued partnership

7. Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

  • Making trends. The non-profits mission is to change the way the world views and tackles poverty so we need to try and be innovative in our approach and strategies for engaging with the local companies ( or the community as a whole)


8. Where is the risk?

  • For me/the Chapter: Being told ‘no’ by a company that was interested enough to agree to let us present our request for partnership with them –  being given a chance yet failing in our delivery.
  • For them: Unless the non-profit becomes involved in some public scandal with plenty of negative press (like internal stealing or misappropriating funds), I can’t really thinking of anything.

9.Who is in charge?

  • The non-profit headquarters in New York


10. Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What’s it for?

  • In this case, we aren’t really spending money, but the time and effort to develop a relationship of trust so that we are given the privilege to present our case as to all the ways partnering with us would be beneficial for each company.  

 11. How should you be spending your time?

  • Establishing and cultivating relationships based on trust and mutual respect.



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