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Essentials of Audio Mixing

Organizing a Mix:

Notes: Taking notes from Guru and past experience working on sessions. I believe I put together a suitable organization for my tracks. Can't wait to continue on this project and lessons. Any criticism or advice is appreciated.

Determing Levels:

Notes: This is how I choose to pan and adjust the levels for the song. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Adding Effects:

Note: This is the stage at which I added effects. I really just added a reverb. I'm sure I could have done more but I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. For some reason that was the vibe I went for. I used the reverb where I saw fit. Any feedback is appreciated.

Completing the Mix: Tonal Balance

Note: In my final mix. I added a nice EQ on my master as you can see on the top of the session. I balanced out the tones as suggested and brought the mix to where I finally liked it.

Superstition Mix:

Young Guru Mix Contest:

Mixed Verseion:

Unmixed Version:

Thank you Young Guru!


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