Essential watercolor supplies for beginners

Essential watercolor supplies for beginners - student project

10+1 Watercolor Tools You Will Need As A Beginner – Find Out Which Tools Are Already Available At Your Home

Finding the right tools as a watercolor beginner can be overwhelming and confusing – especially when you don’t have a guide as to what you actually need to get started. You can easily end up buying fancy but absolutely unnecessary tools which can cost you much. So watch my class and save a fortune. :)

Back then when I was a beginner I didn’t have access to internet resources like product reviews and recommendations, so I had to try out everything on my own. I made bad decisions which was expensive and I ended up with art stuffs that I have never used after purchasing them.

On my journey to become a watercolorist I had learned one thing for sure, fancy tools won’t make anyone a better watercolorist, practice does. So in this class you are going to learn about the essential watercolor tools and materials. And the best part is – most of the tools are already available at your home. 


My project: List of tools

hairdrier, paper towel, spray bottle, old toothbrush, mixing palette, iron, jars of water, masking tape

watercolor papers: I prefer hot press papers, like Fabriano Studio watercolor or Strathmore's watercolor journals

brushes: round synthetic brushes which can mimic natural hair brushes

paints: I use St Petersburg White Nights watercolor paints most of the time and I'm pretty happy with them .

My dream list: I would like to try Arteza's gouache set once :) 

Essential watercolor supplies for beginners - image 1 - student project