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Essential Japanese Hardcore Punk

I love records, collecting obscure and bizarre music of all genres is a huge passion of mine. Growing up listening to and playing punk and hardcore, my desire to discover new and interesting bands from all over the world has always been insatiable.

One of my favorite discoveries in my musical life so far has been the Japanese punk scene in the mid to late 80's so I decided to focus my zine on the topic. I did the writing in the zine, it's all based off of stories, urban legends, and liner notes that I've mentally accumulated over the years on the topic of Japanese punk.

The typeface I used is Akzidenz Grotesk, I really like contrasting clean and legible layouts with chaotic punk imagery. The center photo is of the band Confuse, and I feel like it illustrates the over the top aesthetic that punks in Japan had in the 80’s, and continue to have to this day.

The folded out center spread of my zine is a 2 color collage I made with images and iconography from various Japanese punk bands; “All Things Change Into The Fashion” is a title of a song by Confuse, the center image is an image of Sakevi from seminal hardcore group G.I.S.M., and I used the Kuro logo up in the top right hand corner.

I chose to Risograph print my zine because I enjoy both the outcome of printing on a Risograph as well as working within the restrictions that Risograph printing has.






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