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Essay/Short story ideas

Just a few ideas for the essay or short story. All feedback is appreciated!

1. Having the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night while you're at hotel and have taken Ambien is just about the worst thing ever.

I have insomnia and take Ambien on occasion. If you aren't familiar with the drug, you can do some really odd things after you take it before you go to bed. This happened to me while staying at a hotel when the fire alarm went off. This could be written from my perspective and what my brain may have been thinking.

2. The man who invented orange Tic-Tacs presents the idea to the company

They're my favorite candy, but are far from a breath freshner. I like imagining scenarios like this and writing a story about how it would have gone down.

3. How to play the violin in concert when you don't know how to play the violin

Growing up, I played the violin. I was terrible. I still remember the first school concert and my methods for getting through it without any talent whatsoever.


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