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Everyone has a personal goal that helps them get to where they want or what they want on the road of life.There are numerous ways to acheive goals to get you to your destination. One of my top personal goals is to acheive Paradise (Jannah) and to become a better practicing Muslim. Goals are what motivates one to keep aiming for the stars. To me personally, Islam isn't just a religion, but it's a way of life. It is how one does things, how they carries themselves, it is one's character, and that's what really defines a Muslim.

There are many reasons why I picked this goal and to how I plan on achieving it. As a Muslim, I have certain actions to do daily which really make me unique in a way. One of these actions are prayers. I as a Muslim, pray five times a day to worship God. For me it's really a way to converse with God and thank him for everything he has given and blessed me with. This is one way that I can get closer to my goal.

Another way I get can closer to my goal is by fasting. Fasting is when a Muslim does not eat from sunset to sunrise. These obligations in Islma are what help me become a better Muslim. The reason we fast is to feel how the poor feel. There are times where it gets hard because of the heat and temptations, but what can we do? Atleast at the end of the day we get food unlike some who are on the street starving. These actions help me to become a better Muslim to please my god.

One of the biggest ways to get to Paradise as a Muslim is to do what is right and to watch your actions. Islam really empahsizes on doing what is right not only in public but also in private. And to me that's what's so beautiful about Islam. When you do something you should do it right not because someone's watching you but because that is the right thing. Doing the right thing in private really reveals who you are as a person. We as Muslims believe in good deeds and bad deeds. Good deeds in Islam are doing what's right, praying, fasting, and watching your actions. These good deeds are the things that help you get closer to Paradise.

There are numerous reasons to why I want to enter paradise but I will only be listing a few of them. One of the main reasons I want to enter paradise is to hopefully see my father in paradise. My father passed away when I was 8 years old due to a heart attack. I really miss him a lot and I cannot wait to see him in the best place ever which is Paradise. Another reason I want to enter paradise is because it is out of this world, and I really mean that. It is something no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no brain has imagined. It is so beautiful and that best part of it is that God has created it. There are many verses in the Quraan ( our holy book) that describe how beautiful paradise will be and what it wil have. Another of my many reasons to enter paradise is that I get to have whatever I want whenever I want.  Isn't that amazing? Also, I get to be with the people I love the most. The best part of Paradise is to see my god's face and to hear his beautiful voice? Can you imagine seeing a god? Yes, it;s real. These are only some of the reasons why I want to enter paradise.


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