Essay Ideas

I'm very interested in taking a satirical look at the modern business environment.  In some ways similar to how "The Office" started, but a little more modern, addressing technology (Twitter, Farmville, companies blocking Facebook on computers forcing everyone to check it on their phones instead), and some of the more interesting characters that have sprung from that envionment (meglomaniac IT personnel, Visionary 22 year old CEO's who have more billion-dollar startups than dates, CEO's who got their job through family and Ivy League connections yet somehow believe they're business geniuses because they speak in buzzwords).

That being said, here's the ideas I'm currently playing with:

  1. Welcome to the Company from the CEO
    A welcome letter to a new employee from one of those CEO's I mentioned...adolescent tech-billionaire or fifth-generation CEO who earned his position the old fashioned way - his father willed it to him.
  2. Investment \ Money Column from a Jim Cramer style personality
    A high-energy rantin financial advice column from someone self-important and completely unqualified who bases their advice on totally random and inappropriate signs.
  3. The humble  "Come see my one-person show" spam
    I'm also a performer, and I get a LOT of soliticiacions from friends to come see their one-person show.  Most are ridiculous, self-important, and painful to watch. But they think these shows are deep and life changing - which they might be for them, but the only life change an audience will experience while watching them is to end up 90 minutes older. Of course, they always try to be humble about awards or recommendations (which they try to hide and brag about at the same time - "I know that the Fresno Penny-Pincher called the show 'tastier than Maria Ansenela's Tuna Burrito Casserole, and easier on the stomach', but I don't do it for the accolades - I'm just happy that it seems to speak to the people").

Let me know what you think - thanks!