Essay Ideas

#1:  Missed Connections

I have been trying to write a story about my longest friendship that started in high school.  Boy meets girl, boy loves girl and through the years boy tries to do everything to get the girl.  In the end, boy stays with his Catholic upbringing and marries a co-worker, while girl moves to Switzerland and marries a French/Italian dude.  

#2:  Funny moment with my Indian parents

Growing up was a very depressing experience in my house.  Lots of studying and guilt trips about bad grades (a B+), early college classes, and marriage proposals from dude that looked like my uncle.  But there were funny moments and I want to write about them so I can balance out in my head the bad with the funny (as the bad seems to overshadow all the funny moments that did happen).  Possible story:  When I told my mother about a date I went on with an Indian guy.  This was the first date I had told her about, ever.  I was 29 y/o.  

Look forward to the feedback and advice.  

Happy writing!