Espresso - student project

This again was so much fun!!! I found an image of an Espresso maker. I love everything about coffee so of course I needed to make a pattern of it ;)

I redid it quite a few times because I felt like there was too much detail so changed the level of Median and Levels/Edge at Cutout effect. As I see it now on here I think it could do with still less detail but I want to be able to finish a project and not spend ages on it trying to perfect it. In the end tried out a few different color effects, the blue one has a Delfts Blauw vibe don't you think? ;) I'm happy with it!

I also learned that not every object/shape works as a pattern, when the shape is too even you don't see the horizontal flip and it's too much of the same shape, and when the object is too round it's creates a pattern that is too even, which just doesn't feel good to look at.

Great class again Helen, thank you!

Espresso - image 1 - student project

Espresso - image 2 - student project

Espresso - image 3 - student project