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Hey whats up guys, So almost all of the pictures i took were taken on my iphone since i dont have a camera. But i plan on investing in a camera pretty soon. In the mean time i want to better my photography skills and learn all that i can, so it would be pretty cool if i could get some feedback or opinons from you guys.

1) look up: So i choose this picture since the buliding or church has colored glass windows and with the sun in the backing making the colored glass popout at you a little more. Also the texture of the walls is a marbleish and smooth feel that goes perfect with the glass 

2) Candid portait: This picture, I actually took in downtown San Diego, Balboa Park. I was on a school field trip and just happened to get the chance to shoot a couple of pictures but this one stood out the most to me.

3) Motion Shot: Ok so im not too sure on how i would get the motion blur concept down since im only using my iphone, But i got a picture of my friend doing a barspin and i had put on my wide angle lens i use to film instagram videos. 

5) Night Shot: With This picture i tried to get a little motion blur but im not to sure if its good or not since the landscape is in focus but the bike rider isnt. I also shot this picture at night at our local skate park.

Thanks for looking though all my pictures and i hope i get some feedback soon from you guys !


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