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Escaping London

I live in the east end of London in the UK, I love the city and all it's structures but I miss the great outdoors and would love to improve my landscape photography, so thought this was the perfect opportunity to esacpe the big city and get up north with my iphone.

The peak district is only a train journey and drive away, so I went up north for the weekend and got lost in the woods. 

Unfortunately my iphone only lasted 1/2 of the way into the walk before dying and then I destroyed my boyfriends battery life with my last few photos. I took a few rolls on a Yashica Mat too but I've not had them back from the lab yet.


I loved the bark on these pines, wish i'd got some more shots of them.


There were plenty of winding paths with autumn colour



A lone autumn tree

I'd love any tips, advice, pointers!

I can't wait to get out and take some more photos!

Thanks Jess


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