Let me preface this project with I'm not a gamer, nor a designer. I am a marketer by trade and am always looking to expand my horizon because I think it helps me look at the world through different angles and increases my creative thinking. I'm just taking this course out of pure curiosity and enjoyment.

So please excuse me if I don't have my "game lingo" down when trying to explain my game concept.

The game I envision is an RPG revolving around a girl who is stuck in her nightmares, but it feels like reality to her. All her worst fears, stresses and emotions take shape in her nightmares in ambiguous forms and experiences. The only way to escape her nightmares is by solving challenges, deciphering puzzles and even setting traps, which will eventually lead her out of her maze of dreams.

Here is a screenshot of what I envision to be the first scene. The main character "wakes up" in what seems to be her home and is being chased by a demon. She runs for her life towards an eerie door that leads to who knows where...

The next screen shot is of my Scene tab. I'm pretty sure my lines and placement of things are incorrect. I also didn't create anything from scratch and downloaded free 3D images that I found online. I don't know if there is an easy way to create images with a 3D designer program or programming knowledge, but neither of which I know anyway. I hope I'll be able to create interactions and animations with the current assets that I have. 

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks. :)

I look forward to next week's class!


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