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E's Homeworks

I have been practicing but I am kind of feeling stuck. Maybe I should do even more basic practices. I picked a few of my favorite quotes and keep writing them. Somehow I made some mistakes in the quote I wrote. ^^;

Bought a tube of white gouache recently and and new nibs :D I enjoy practicing with white ink on black paper <3 Consistency is my enemy and so are spacing and layout. OxO; I took another class to learn about layout. It's pretty good combo.



18/01/14 - Day 3

I'm using Zebra's mapping maru nib and the flexibility is really fun to use although a little scratchy. Progression for the lettering is so far so good, I am having some trouble with b, and z which I find it a little hard to catch the shape and also number 9. I'll keep trying, if anyone can give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. <3


17/01/14 - Day 2

Tried to rewrite my recipe and practice the numbers at the same time.

Cover of my recipe book. Time for daily practice.


Came across this quote by Dalai Lama and I love it. I am getting used to some letters but I find small cap r a little tricky and word spacing needs a lot of work.


Hello~ I love calligraphy and I want to improve my handwriting too. I never really like writing greeting cards for my family and friends because my handwriting is pretty embarrassing. Hehe...I love crafting too, so I think it helps to have another skill that I can use for packaging or notes...etc.

This lesson is really easy to absorb and it is great to see beautiful works by other classmates :D <3

16/01/14 - Day 1
I seem to have problem when  I write O, it is when the stroke goes down and up again it will not be rounded. my hand will tend to get stuck there and it became an O with a sharp bottom.

It is also fun to write quotes that I came across. :)


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