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Erwin Hill - student project

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Erwin Hill

My wife and a friend of hers have started a small business together selling one-off furniture and decorations that they buy at garage sales and thrift stores and refinish. I'm using their company as my project for this class and they'll get a logo out of it.

The name actually came from the two streets that my wife and her partner live on. Erwin Place and Hill St.
The pieces they're creating have a very handmade, vintage feel. They all have a nice patina about them and would make great additions to any rustic or country home. The idea is to eventually have enough pieces to rent them out for events.

The target market would likely be women between the ages of 25 and 45 who probably middle to upper middle class. With the exception being the occaisonal male shopper looking for something for his wife.

The idea for the logo is to create a mark that feels handmade but also professional. The most likely venue for sales will be at the monthly market held locally and a nice visual identity will easily set Erwin Hill apart from it's competitors.

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The sketches below are my first stab at this project. I wanted to do some exploration of the letters as I'm sketching so I'm sure there will be many revisions before I come to a "final first draft", if you want to call it that. At this point I'm also just trying to get the ideas in my head onto the paper and get a feel for what the client (my wife) wants. We'll see what happens...

Update 2
This is the latest and I think it's getting pretty close. I want this logo to be able to work in numerous colors and it needed to be simple enough to go on a stamp. I want to add some texture and see how it progresses but the client is happy so far.

Erwin Hill - image 2 - student project

Update 1
Got some of the sketches in Illustrator and naturally, one thing lead to another.
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