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Erte Illustration Mastercopy

Date: 12/2/2013

Hi everyone!

My Illustrator project is a mastercopy of an illustration by famed 20th century designer, Erté. This artist is known for creating pieces with strong bold colors and very graphic shapes. This illustration may be simple. However, I  believe this piece will translate well as vector art.

My goal for this project is to finally learn how to use Illustratorefficiently. My end game is to create my own branding material for my soon to be portraiture business. 

I'm excited to work on this project, and learn the complex world of Illustrator. 

Good luck everyone.

 Date: 12/3/2013

Here is my progress of the mastercopy of an Erté Illustration. I posted it below. My workflow for this project was to create the largest shapes first, and complete it with the smaller shapes. I also worked back to front. So, I created the tan background shapes first, and filled my piece in with the larger shapes (i.e. the hair). I do believe, the hardest part of this project will be the black rims. 

I mostly used the shape tool, pen tool, and the path finder tool to create my shapes. 

Tomorrow I will work on medium and small shapes, such as the palm tress and waves.

Again, Good luck everyone!


Below is my progress for today. I completed the details within the glasses, such as the palm trees and waves. I mostly used shapes, the pathfinder tool, and the blob tool. My favorite part of this project was using the star shape as a starting point for my palm trees. It made the process of this project so much easier.

Tomorrow I will post the finished piece of this project.

Good luck to all! 

Date: 12/6/2013

This is my final piece of the mastercopy of an Erté illustration. The one on the left is mine. Today, I worked on the final touches, such as the black rims and the hair highlights. I took Danny Dyer's advice, and created the black rims with a custom brush. I also turned my path into a shape by hitting expand. This allowed me to further customize my shapes. I turned my path into a shape, because I wanted to match each dash with the original illustration. For the hair, I simply created a path with the pen tool, and changed the width to closely match the highlights. 

This class was very informative, and I really enjoyed this project. My next goal is to take Skillshare's typography class. I'm really excited to move on, so I can create branding material for my very, very small portraiture drawing business. 

Thanks for the critics and comments! Continue to create great things everyone!



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