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For those who haven't seen my background work on the first course I'm explaining the intro again, otherwise check it out here, and skip to Usage.

Errante is a brand created by two fellow designers and myself, based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Errante is the Spanish word for 'Errant' (obvious enough), which means either 'erring or straying from the proper course or standards' or 'traveling in search of adventure'.

We wanted to take a little of both definitions. As a brand and in our products we want to be distinctive, creating something different and setting our's apart from other similar products.

On the other hand, the main reason we named our brand Errante was because of the concept and story out products carry, and how we want these to travel or wander to reach others. We want people to experience the same feeling we have when designing them, through their use and interaction.

It was initially a semester project for school, consisting of a collection of products made of wood and obsidian. Later, the same year, we presented one of the products at London Design Festival as part of the collective La Tlapalería ( ). After this exhibition it La Tlapalería become a great success, and we were contacted by Made and Merged, a Swedish exhibition concept that works with designers as a platform to communicate and sell their products (The lauch will be Autumn 2015).

The product we presented at London Deisgn Festival was a set of obsidian spreading knives, with blunt blades perfect for soft cheeses, pâtés, butter, jams, etc. 



The knives are handmade and we work with an obsidian artisan who makes the blades and we manufacture the handle out of Machiche wood. Obsidian is a local craft in the nearby town of Tequila (Yes, the liquor. This is where Mexican tequila is made). 

Now we plan to continue as a product design brand, creating objects that value Mexican craftsmanship.

Logo brief.

I had done the logo brief in the previous course, but here it is again.





In the logo moodboard I mostly include simple logotypes and monograms. It's what we are aiming for in our logo, a very simple, bold and straightforward logotype (just a word logo).



I looked through a few typographies, but didn't quite find one that really felt right. I did try a few, but decided to hand letter it instead, then refine it on illustrator.



These are a few of my sketches and notes. I have a few other sketches on loose sheets of paper (a few on napkins), but I'm not sure where they went. I'll upload those when I find them again. 



We want a simple logotype, just the word 'Errante', so we decided not to use a symbol. I did include a symbol in the letter 'A'.

From the initial obsidian + wood collection, we had a necklace that was a small, thin slab of wood in front of a slightly different slab of obsidian (image below). It was a very special piece that th three of us loved, so I decided to incorporate it and add a bit of personality to the logotype.



We didn't really want variations of the logo, as I mentioned, just the simple word. At first we imagined it in thin, wide letters, but then slowly decided it was best to use bolder letters so it could be easily read even if it was smaller. For small avatars or icons, we won't be using the logo, but a product photo or something other.

Color palette.

Ever since our brand was just a tiny baby project, we imagined the branding to be simple, black letters. In case it was used on a dark background, it would be used in white or light gray (I'll upload the branding manual with the uses once I get to it). Basically, black, white or grayscale.

Digitalize /Finalize.

My final logo is in black (first), but I like the subtle change when setting black at 95% (second).




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