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Marjorie Boyle

Designer & Illustrator



Ernesto Garcia's 'Woman and a Cat'

I'm super stoked to be working in Illustrator.  I've played around in it a lot, but it always seemed to have a kind of mystery about it.  Based on my previous knowledge and the tutorials here, I'm excited to finally start to feel like I have some control over this awesome program. 

While working on this vintage ad by Ernesto Garcia, I used a lot of the blob brush and a little bit of shape building.  I must say - if you use the blob brush - it's super handy to rough in the shape and then go back with the 'smooth' tool.  The smooth tool helps refine the shape and takes away a lot of the excess anchor points that will inevitably occur from the blob tool process.  If there are a ton of excess anchor points, it makes it a pain to go in and refine the line with the pen tool, I've found.  Does that make sense?  I hope so because it really is a time saver.

Anyway, check out my roughing in of shapes! The colors aren't entirely accurate yet. It's a little rough, but I think it works =)  I love this ad and I'm excited to work on it further (yeah pretty ladies and cats!).

UPDATE!  Here's my project so far:

The colors are way off and pretty garish! Yikes! You can tell I haven't watched the video on exporting content yet ha ha.  I still have some detail work yet to do.  It takes me awhile... Hoping I'll get faster at this!

So here's my final, more or less.  I have one with a fabric texture too, but I think I've posted enough photos ha ha.  What a fun project!


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