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Erin Lewyk

Executive Assistant - lululemon athletica



Erin's Pursuit of Vision & Goals

My Vision for Age:  48 (in 10 years)

­­­­­­­­­­­­I am my healthiest in mind, body and spirit.  I continue to learn and grow in all areas of my life.  I am eager and happy to start each day.  I radiate positive energy and enthusiasm for life.

I work for a year at the lululemon SSC Melbourne.  Working hard and playing hard...Ironman Bussleton!

I share my life with a wonderful guy that enjoys a healthy & active lifestyle.  We travel with our bikes 2x’s per year.  We are very happy, fulfilled and successful within our respective careers and aim to live life to the fullest.  We adopt a dog.  We live in a spacious condo with views of the ocean.  We have a large deck and we enjoy having friends over for BBQ’s.  My mom comes to visit often and we spend Christmas’s in Hawaii or Edmonton.   We are fully supportive of each other’s training & racing goals.

I compete in triathlons and incorporate many of these races into vacations.

I see my friends often.  We hang out by training or racing together as well as by going to various sporting events, concerts and movies.  I continue to attend my Book Club.

My career at lululemon continues to challenge me and I am an excellent resource to my co-workers from various departments.  I am successful and have established myself as one of the key senior people within my team. 


2-3 things I learned about myself:

While completing the interview questions I was humbled.  I didn’t realize how much I inspired others just by “doing my thing” (Ironmans)…including my discipline and focus, my attitude and energy.  People appreciate my responsibility, dependability and reliability.

I was also surprised that at least 3 people have told me that I should write a book.  However, my book would be very short.  (Page 1 – Shut up, Page 2 – Do it).  Several think I should be a mentor/coach.  Something for me to explore.

It’s very evident that I am living a life I love as people can really sense the joy that my training and racing brings to my life.  I have to remember to be OK with asking for support or someone taking care of me sometimes!  I am happiest when setting and achieving goals.

Good learnings are for me are to practice patience with others and remember to smell the roses!


In regards to my experience of doing the “Power of Knowing What You Want” I discovered that I am very clear on what I want for my health/personal goals but not yet clear on what I want for my career goals.  I love my path so far at lululemon, however, I am not sure about what other roles ‘speak’ to me.  I love my current job and the people I work with.  My current role is very gratifying, fulfilling and challenging.  When I try to imagine having ANYONE else’s job at lulu that would really “do it” for me and fulfill me I cannot think of one – and that is not because it doesn’t exist…I just don’t know it yet.  I am also uncertain in regards to really loving doing certain things that I am good at (i.e. – project management) – does anyone else feel this way about their work situation?  With my career it feels like it’s really in a great place right now.  I know there is more for me career-wise and I know there are other things I would enjoy doing…just not sure what that looks like yet or what I want it to look like in 5-10 years.  My work/life balance is critical to my happiness and success.





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