Erin Przekop

Erin Przekop - student project

This class was amazing! Loved the prompts and could see my playfulness come out more and more throughout each exercise. 

5 Actions -

I worked harder at determining which characteristic added personality to each of these on the second pass.

Erin Przekop - image 1 - student project

People in Shapes -

Erin Przekop - image 2 - student project


I chose my faves and colored them in Procreate - (this Saturn guy, coined "Holst's Encore") HAS to show up in one of my future picture books)!


Erin Przekop - image 3 - student project

Cut Out Shapes -

This was shockingly more fun than I thought! I think I'm going to try some painted cut-outs like Sean Qualls/ Eric Carle/ Christian Robinson soon... (good tip - finding a distinguishing characteristic (hair/shoes) and continuing to use it.

Erin Przekop - image 4 - student project

Exaggeration - 

Portrait of my daughter.

Erin Przekop - image 5 - student project

(Sorry, Tom...I was too eager to hand paint this one in gouache and colored pencil that it may be a bit messier than your clean vectorized aesthetic. I could work on reducing color and detail, but I'm already starting to recognize more easily what is necessary to adding personality and style to my characters.Erin Przekop - image 6 - student project

Thanks for such a great class! I look forward to taking more from you and enjoyed seeing you speak at the Skillshare NYC office!


Erin Przekop
Picture Book Author & Illustrator