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Erika's Cozy Home Mission

Update - 11.03.13 -

I used my new skills on my husband's office and now it feels so nice in there too.  I need to embrace plants, but I'm getting there.  :)




Needs - a desk as a workspace

Shape - the squares for the art and mood board, round ottoman below

Bling - some gold in the lamp base

Pattern - the rug

Color - the rug and also pop of pink in the flowers

Botanicals - the flowers

Placement -overlapping the frame and the mood board.  tall vase with the flowers next to a shorter square wooden box and this is next to a pretty acrylic container holding office supplies.  scissors even have some bling

Texture - the rug and the lamp

Extra credit - Life = the cup of coffee and lit candle

I didn't do the coffee table project because I have a little 16 month old. Maybe when she is older.

I didn't complete the bedside table task because I'm happy with it for now, I'll take a shot and upload.

A console is on the wishlist, still trying to find some solution for our teeny tiny entry.  We  need a place to sit to put on shoes and take them off (no shoes in the house rule).  Has to be shallow and also need a piece of furniture that is 30" or taller as well as 30" wide max.  This would allow us to open the front door fully.  It's a puzzle.

I did complete the bookshelf challenge for my office and that turned spilled over into other areas of my office too.  Here are some pics.

This Before photo is so bad but it is due to no blinds being up, taken with my iPhone and the placement is a result of moving items up and up out of the way of little hands.  Got a little out of control.

I think it could use some more work but for now I'm happy with it.  Let me know what I should change/adjust.

Learned so much, thank you Justina!  


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