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Erika Barriga - Quiet


Final illustration

I would love to hear your critique.  :) Thanks to Brad for this wonderful class!


Getting a little further with fleshing this out digitally.


Hi Guys -

At first I was going to choose Loud and I thought of the following words:

  • peacocks
  • bright 
  • black and white
  • sound
  • growling
  • bears
  • wild hairstyles - mohawks
  • standing out in a crowd
  • big
  • mouth
  • megaphone
  • pattern
  • farm animals

When I looked up the definitions and started sketching, I knew I wanted to do Quiet instead.  Still have peacocks but show more about how a relationship like mother and child becomes so loud, there are just no word to express the love.  I have a 17 month old and she's my heart.  

I kept playing with negative space and trying to make the pieces fit for the composition.  I like the mama and baby above in the lower left the most.  I'll change up the sketch below to represent that original sketch a little more.

Excited to move on in this project.


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