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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher



Ergens geen kaas van gegeten hebben - He dosn't have any clue

4th post.

Made the animated gif



Third post

Reworked the type so that the small characters are more like real written script. modified the large caps letters that apear more often to have little unique changes for each separate occurence.

New image


Old image


Not sure yet what version I like best

Will continue to animate, I can always replace the smart obects with the older type at a later stage.


Second post

it is difficult to describe the history/origin of this words. (multiple not clear explenations excist)
General and easy description is that if you never tasted a specific cheese, you dant know how it taste, so you cant say anything about it.

Made a hand lettering in illustrator, used a font a rough refference for shape of letters.


Adjusted the stroke width and then adjusted the gaps  to have more room


Made the final composition


Inverted to black


Moved to Photoshop and added glow and colouring


Next step is animattion.


1st post

Very rough first draf and idea.

My idiom is dutch: Ergens geen kaas van gegeten hebben.

Litteral translation. Somewhere no cheese eaten.

Real meaning: He doesnt have any clue.
He doesnt know what he is talking about.

Attached a verry rough draft, just to show my idea.

The idee is that there is taken a bite out of the cheese during the animation.



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