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Arno Smit

CTO / Co-Founder FundedByMe



Equity crowdfunding

We are at the stage where we have been tracking all of our actions through analytics and realized that our conversions can be much better.

As a part of the redesign for some of our pages I thought to enroll in this course and get some general feedback around some of the concepts that we're thinking of doing.

Our main aim is to level the playing field for entrepreneurs and make sure they get the biggest possibility out there to get funding for their startups.

So I started listing of our content that we want to have on our detail page, mapped our the relationships and ultimately grouped them.

Here is my rought sketch for it.

Having added as much information as possible on the detail page, I have continued and created a rough sketch of what I think would be needed on the search page.

Since the list of items will grow every day it's important to have an option to filter through items and make tailor the results to what you think would work best.


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