Equisaura | Skillshare Projects


Part 1. Sketching
I got the whole idea when I started sketching, i knew what i wanted so i let loose from that.

This creature is based on my own favorit creatures, horses, dinosaurs and dragons.

Part 2: My references

As referenses i watched pictures of feathered velociraptors wich i let loose on the Equisauras legs, and the feathering on the forelegs, the wings.
As a whole picture it is seen as a dragon, or at least that is what it is meant to be in the end haha.

Rinfined my sketch with anatomy changes, muscles and skeleton.

Higher placed shoulderblades, arms attached higher than on the avarege horse And the wings will only be for show and not flight.

Part 3: Color Palettes
Well. i tried my best to find something uniqe and something more natural and something there between.
What do you guys think?


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