Equine Wellness site update - Animal health through Acuscope Therapy

Here is the old site:  http://www.equinewellness.com/ - YIKES!  It's showing its age.

Here is the "sitemap" for the new site: (note: we moved "Nutrional Support" under "Links" - and there starts the development creep, darn it!)

Flow of new Equine Wellness Site

Here is the index page wire frame.  It was much harder to do than I thought it would be.  <... must ... stop ... deisgning ... before ... wire frames ... completed ...>

The emphasis of this site will be on the new graphics.  The graphics will tell a good portion of the story.  People love to see happy animals and Equine Wellness is selling animal health = happiness.

Index Page

And here are the other 6 pages.  They're not as sexy as I like to see at this stage but then they're not supposed to be are they?  We discussed the old site and all the wordiness of it and how that was a turn off.   I de-emphasized the navigation links and we will make the text simpler than on the old site.   We're also reducing the nunber actual site pages by focusing on what's really important and what is just fluff.  Notice that the site map original had several pages under each main link.  We did keep the multiple pages for the testimonials.  Each testimonial will have its own page and we'll use a gallery or carousel for the testimonial pages.

Graphics are telling a huge part of the story


Lessons learned? 

  • Use wire framing to show weights of elements
  • Don't be afraid to go back to the site map and make changes even if you've started wire framing.  It's easier to make mods earlier than later after you're making it look nice.
  • Wire frame before design even if it kills you. 
  • Convince your co-workers that the wire frame IS NOT the mockup and that the sexy stuff will come later.


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