Derek Gerson

Founder at Equalize Youth



Equalize Youth

Equalize Youth is a social venture exploring the use of new media, mobile, and mapping technology to empower lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth to more positively surmount the unique stressors they face. We connect these youth to the wisdom, advice, and resources used by adults from similar backgrounds and communities.

Taking the concept of the "It Gets Better" campaign to the next level, the plan is to have a community-generated knowledgebase that keeps contributors anonymous and widens the scope of the conversatiom. Every piece of content is geotagged to a real-life place, using Google Maps. Together with tags for ethnic background, religious upbringing, and other social identity elements, youth will get to find content that speaks to their own lives unlike any existent resoruce.

Thus far, I have focused more on our beneficiaries, namely youth and their parents. With interviews and then surveys with youth at high schools and college campi, I  got my hypothesis that "those tags would be useful" validated, that wisdom/knowledge from adults is desireable, among others.

The key focus at the moment is learning what approach will engage most adults! Check our website (currently in re-design) at, and hit me up with questions, comments, ideas, and everythning else beyond and between!


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