Epasse - Marketplace for shuttle transportation service

Our problem hypothesis is: It's to expensive to get out of the aiport in Brazil. Usually, you have to find a cab or ask for someone to pick you at the airport. Our assumption is that will be much easier in we use shuttle service, just like in USA (http://www.supershuttle.com/ for instance). 

But, we're not the car owners, we are a marketplace for shuttle providers and "the buyers".

I put "the buyers" in quotes because we're trying to validate who the buyer it's gonna be.

As travelers in Brazil are not used to get shuttle either to go or to leave the airport, we're assuming that our channel is gonna be a tour company (travel agencies, tour operators, hotels).

We start validating our idea with tour operators. We went to some tour operators and saw how they sell shuttles outside Brazil, but, as our conversations went, we've seen that tour operators don't care about offer other services than the air ticket and tours.

Now, we trying to validate our idea with hotels. We're getting in contact with hotel owners to see how they're solving their problem today. To validate this, we're doing:

1 -) Cold call to hotel owners

2-) Launch page with a survey and sending it to a hotel mail list that we have. After the sign up, we're gonna try to get in contact by phone call

Our validation board it at: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1pXWxtLqiIfbs94igBWxFXn7oYAiEnGSRw01dieG4eOY/edit

Our sign up page is at: http://www.epasse.com

And we built a simple prototype that it at: http://bitly.com/epprot1 . I'm sorry, the prototype is in Portuguese, but if you hit the button "Pesquisar" you'll see the magic :)

Any feedback is welcome :)


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