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Envelope swap!

Finally bought some paint pens & I love them!! So much fun, and I'd never tried them before. 

I got one of these chunky bad boys:

And some smaller ones too.

I practiced strokes a bit & then went for a small, quick envelope for my sister (she doesn't care that it's a bit wonky and the shadowing isn't consistant, haha):

Now on to my envelope that I will be sending to one of my classmates--Isela! Here's the thumbnail sketch I came up with for my layout:

I will probably make the tail on the 'a' be partially on top of the 'n'. Can't wait to pick out colors & get started with the real deal!!

------------------------------------- UPDATE - 8/12/14 ------------------------------------------

The one of the right is my practice envelope to see how the styles/colors would look. The one on the left is the actual one I will mail out.

Thoughts/Comments? I always love to chat :)


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