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Envelope Project | 2014


I watched all videos from the course. And I loved it! But I had a problem: I don't have all the tools to start the project, just Tombow. Near me, I couldn't find the wide markers I wanted, so I waited until I went to a Graffiti Shop, and then I bought some of the markers I needed.

So I looked up different references through the days, up on the street and in different cities as well.

September 10, 2014

I finally started my project. I started with lines, curves and trying to adapt myself to my new wide marker. It's kinda funny, when I was younger, I was completely in love with graffiti and bought a lot of markers like this. Then, some years passed and I felt so uncomfortable to use them! I think, to continue your progress, you need to practice. Practice a lot and then you will find yourself comfortable with the tool again. So that's what I did!

For the Sans Serif I used as reference the Squeezed Headline from Speedball Textbook (1957). So I spent the whole day practicing lines, curves and some letters.

September 11, 2014

I got more confident about Sans Serif, I practice a little bit on the day and started to play with the script. I got this new Posca Brush and I loved it! I normally use Tombow or Pitt, but I decided to use Posca Brush because it's so free and seems like a real brush. I made a series of a, b, c... But the brush is easier for me, because I practice it a lot, so I didn't spend much hours on it.

I started to create the layouts of my envelope. At first I wanted to make an envelope just to decorate my studio, with my adress and my name. It made me practice a lot, until I got more confident to send an envelope hand lettered to anyone.

September 12, 2014

I got some ideas for my envelope, but I wasn't sure if it work well. So I tried to put on paper some of my ideas and see which one was better for me. I found my name a little bit long, KODAIRA. So, I couldn't just make a big letter, because it didn't fit the envelope so well. So I started playing around, but I didn't really liked the results. And that's what I remembered, fail, and fail a lot until you get it!

I made this first, but I didn't think it work. Because you can't really understand, for me it's not legible, and it's a problem in this case.

I made this in a different orientation, vertical now. I quite like the result, because it's more clean and I could do a large letter as I wanted. But I wasn't happy yet.

September 16, 2014

After some days without doing this project, I came back. I had other priorities so I needed to stop a little bit my project. I continued playing with the last layout.

I finally started playing in the envelope. 

I quite like the result. I think using just 3 collors made my work clean and legible. I'm sure this is not the best layout, but it was my first envelope and I think it worked!

September 17, 2014

Well... No really happy with my final layout, I started thinking about sendind someone else a letter. So I decided to send it to my best friend. She is living in another city and it's a great opportunity to surprise her. So I started creating layouts and looking up differente references. 

In this case, I played more with the letters, and I like to do it. I explored more the curves, that I think it's really difficult to do. I used this paper with lines, and it helped me a lot, because I spent a lot of time in Kodaira envelope drawing guides. So for this first sketches, playing with the letters, this kind of paper helped a lot!

Everyday when I come back to the project, I need to practice and play around, so I made this rough sketches with the brush, to warming up!

I used almost all of my red marker practicing, so I needed to use my white marker and the blue one to this project! I wanted to make something more fluid, with curves and lines. So I got in this.

I wasn't sure about the numbers and the letters together, so I made a lot of sketches, practicing both together to find a way to finish this layout.

So this is my 2 different envelopes I've been working the last days. I think I can practice more and find more fun ways to work.

I loved Erik's course, because I saw how he works, the things he do to make the work easier, as using tracing paper to create the layout. It's this simple tips that make the difference when you are starting something new. I think this lessons is really useful not just for envelopes, but for the everyday lettering practice. I finally found myself enjoying drawing big, because I used to work in small scale, so I learnt how to draw big, and practice with different and large tools.


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