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Amanda Mitchell

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Envelope Manifesto :: Holiday in Cambodia

I stumbled across this class at the perfect time. For the last two years I've been living and working in Siem Reap, Cambodia and recently decided it is time for something new. This project really helped me refocus on what is really important to me, what brought me to Cambodia in the first place, and what I want to do next.


**to clarify :: it looks like I've written "not being weird" on my list, but a few words are cut it. It actually reads, "not being afriad of being weird". Very different.**

I didn't think I would find tearing the piece of paper as cathartic as I did. I've been getting really anxious about finding work back home, trying to do as much as I can before I leave. I thought about how the process seems daunting now, but I can easily break it up into smaller, more manageble pieces. One day at a time.

My "momento" isn't something I've actually had for very long, but it's been stuck up on my wall from the moment I got it. Just over a month ago I met someone for just a few days, but we really connected. After he left town my friend handed me this note. He had written it in her notebook while we were out one evening and asked her to give it to me after he had left. It reads, "You are strange and that is why you are cute and I like you!"

For so long I struggled with being "weird" and a bit different from everyone else and only recently did I start to appreciate how valuable being unique is, owning my "weirdness". And for someone to have known me for only a short time and to recoginize and appreciate that as well, it meant a lot. 

I'm keeping my manefisto tucked in my notebook, like a North Star during this transition period. I hope to keep it close and open it again (and/or make a new one!) next time I find myself in a similar situation as a reminder that I can do it and to stay true to who I am.

That's all, folks!


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