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Envelope Lettering

Hello All,

I really enjoyed the the videos and direct, analog nature of the project.  No digitizing, etc.

To be honest, my main inspiration was directly from Erik's example project.  I am not a designer, I am not an artist, and I'm not an art student, just a teacher who enjoys working with design, calligraphy & photography, so I wasn't ashamed by sticking closely to his model.  I wanted to use sans serif with the bold markers and was eager to try out my Tombow pens, which I'd had for a while but am not great at using. A few other inspiration pix:


I loved the ghost-sign on the roof of this bldg. And the thick sans serif style.


Fun, vintage script from an old toolbox.


The "How to Make" is great, especially that "H"


Again, I love the "H". 

(All these pix are on my flickr 'Design Inspiration' album.)

I had a little trouble finding those markers shown, so have to get them from Amazon and I will say that one of my regrets was not getting the smaller size markers as well.  I only got the large chisel points, which made finer detail touch ups tricky.

I saw in the Discussions area where people were doing an envelope exchange so I emailed the originator and inquired if anyone was still doing it (realizing I am taking the class way later than most) and she graciously agreed to exchange with me! So now I had my address!


I did a poor job of photo-documenting my process.  Practice pages got thrown away before I thought to take a pic of them and I didn't remember to capture photos of each finished step along the way.

The brush pen was tricky.  Very difficult to go back and touch anything up if it wasn't great the first time.  But, I'm just a beginner and tried to keep it simple and was content with my finished product.



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